Netkicks 2017

This is a mass multiplayer TimePlay game based on football. Each player connects with their smart phone to "kick" the ball into the net while trying to avoid the panda bear.  With this game we were targeting about 150 players all interacting with a single large movie screen. I was the project lead and art director and filled in artistically where I was needed. We did some neat game design firsts for a TimePlay game with this one. We solved the "single target" problem by making everything in the scene an interaction point. Everything breaks and gives points.  We also added different endings depending on the outcome of the final shot against the keeper.


Soundscape 2016

This is a mass multiplayer TimePlay rhythm action game. Each player connects with their smart phone to "dance to the beat" of the song as the notes fly by on the large movie screen.  This projection took awhile to get right and has turned out to be one of the more satisfying TimePlay experiences. I was the art director and concept artist on this project. 


Norm of the North: Lemming toss 2015

Here is another mass multiplayer TimePlay game. This one is a classic toss game that we make so often at TimePlay. This one was commissioned by Lionsgate Studio for the movie Norm of the North. This game was played by audiences solely in the US and in limited release. It stands as one of the first interactive trailers ever made for a studio film.  I worked as the concept artist and art director.

DoozerCreek (1).png

Doozer Creek 2013

If you're old enough you might remember the long running Jim Henson show Fraggle Rock. There was another species of muppet in this show called the Doozers, they built radish stick structures that the Fraggles would destroy and eat.  Comedy was the result. So fast forward 25 years and now the Doozers have been rebooted as a preschool CG show and I was the artist that made two of their mobile games. I was the concept artist, modeler, rigger, animator, and art director on this lite sim game.  The years have been kind to Doozer creek and it is still being sold on the app store and has a solid 4/5 star rating. 

podmobile (1).png

Doozer Podmobile 2012

This mobile game was inspired by Toca Boca's train "etoy" game. You play as Spike Doozer as he drives around the creek picking up his friends and packages and drops them off at various places. That's it. Actually it's a very pretty game for the low end hardware it was supposed to run on.  When I started the game I first added Jim Henson's face into the skybox fulfilling a childhood wish I made on the school bus to honor Henson after his death in 1990. Consequently the entire landscape of this game is actually a silhouette of Henson's face in the clouds.